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At Car Loans To Go we have a dedicated team of finance specialists dedicated to helping our customers get a vehicle regardless of credit history.  We work to respond within 24 hours to all applicants.

We have access to many programs, dealerships, brokers and lenders that can fit most any situation.

When you apply you will have access to many eligible vehicles with the best terms and conditions depending on your situation.  If your credit is less than perfect, don’t worry! Bad Credit Car Financing is a BIG part of what we do.

We know that we can help with approvals for people with bad credit.

We have helped many people get auto loans in BC, and continue to maintain the highest level of service and integrity.

If you have faced bankruptcy or may have credit problems, there is no need to worry. Our finance specialists will match you with the perfect program that focuses on your situation.

We utilize a common sense approach with each customer and individually work with your unique situation.

How it works

After you complete the online application, it is sent to our finance specialist who will contact you within 24 hours to find the best possible lender for you to partner with. You are under NO obligation to buy a vehicle and considering all your options is always free.

Credit Rebuilding

An auto loan is probably the BEST way to re-establish your credit rating. Making regular payments for a year can dramatically increase your credit score.  In some cases people choose this option and then re-finance when credit is restored.


We abide by all privacy laws in Canada and you are under no obligation to use our site or service. We respect your privacy and hold the security of this site and services to the highest standard.

This is the process

1. Apply Online

2. We find your best finance options

3. Discuss your options with the specialist

4. Drive Your NEW Car!

Most other companies have access to just one or a few lending programs. That limits the choices.  We have access to Bank and private financing that cover a multitude of financing programs.  This means that we have a much better chance at getting you the car you want.